Jane Labowitch (Lab-oh-witch) is a Chicago artist who also responds to her professional nom de plume, Princess Etch. Jane started playing with an Etch A Sketch when she was 4 (she's 27 now). She played with the toy so much in her childhood that she inadvertently taught herself how to properly operate it. From that point on Jane's etching skills grew with her drawing skills. While obtaining a BFA in Illustration at the American Academy of Art, she further honed her Etch A Sketch abilities outside of the classroom. Her work has been featured on Reddit, CNN, the Huffington Post, Threadless, Smosh, Buzzfeed, Cartoon Network, the Chicago Blackhawks Blog, the Disney Parks Blog, DeviantArt, and more. She also won a cool trophy! Check out her art exhibit at the Harold Washington Library!

Notable clients

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